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Flower Pepper Restaurant was born out of one simple dream: to bring authentic Chinese home cooking to the USA.

Founder and former owner Jeff (Tao) Gao was born in the Gao Family Village, located outside of Weifang City, Shandong Province, China, and was an award-winning restauranteur back in China. After moving to Boulder, Colorado, Jeff wanted to show this beautiful town what authentic homemade Chinese food tastes like. Flower Pepper was thus founded by Jeff and his wife Jennifer.

In 2016, Jeff decided to develop his other business and had to move away from Boulder, Nancy Wang took over as the new owner. Nancy lived in Beijing for most of her life and has tasted authentic Chinese food from all over the country. She carries on Jeff’s ideal to provide authentic Chinese home cooking, bringing together foods that are unique to places like Szechuan, Taiwan, and Beijing.



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